Established in 2007 by the Donzelli sas, MAD is a fashion design firm specializing in clothing and fashion accessories. The business is developed around a creative headquarter and a national network of professionals, who have been selected based on their distinguished expertise in fashion production.

The aim of this setup has been to create a nimble and flexible business model focused on quality and innovation. The open dialogue with such a network of contractors, deeply established in the Italian fashion industry, allowed MAD to both enrich intellectual capital very quickly and raise its profile among the key players of the industry.

MAD was born as an acronym of the initials of the lead designer, Marzia Donzelli, a Sicilian artist who, through her creations, wanted to recreate the magic of colors and feelings from her homeland, Sicily. Her work draws from some of the beauty of the Aeolian Islands, a group of small volcanic island hidden in the heart of the Mediterranean. These islands, with their mix of sea, land, fire and sky give life to some breathtaking landscapes which Marzia is able to translate in her unique creations. They are aimed at sophisticated women enjoying their summer among cocktail parties and yatch trips, who want to be stylish through comfortable and light pieces.

The brand is sexy, easy to remember, fun. The acronym also reminds one of the key differentiators of its production model, i.e. everything is Made in Italy. The excellence of the Italian manufacturing and a truly Sicilian inspiration make each dress, sarong, bathing suit or jewel unique. MAD style is impossible to forget.